Monday, November 10, 2008

Panic At The Gas StaTiON

Just got back from fetching my friend at the airport. kitaorg lambat sampai actually huhuhu
sbb kreta buat problem, tayar kereta tu tiba2 kurang angin and x dapat pump .. lagi kita pam lagi la dia kluar angin huhu (masa ni kt gas station ). aku da buntu masa tu, sbb spare tayar pun da kna guna hari tu huhu. masa2 mau give up tu.. terfikir la baca bismillahirahmanirahim 3kali hehe
ngam2 pas 3 kali member sorang lagi terlintas d kepala tuk tekan button for flat tyre.So, berkat baca bismilah, dapat la selasai kan masalah tu.. sykuralhamdullilah hehehe. so we all headed 2 the airport. sampai2 ja, tgk my fren very Stylo !!! hehe x mcm selalu.. guna vest. nampak dia smart .. dgn rambut baru n jeans baru.. hehe.. tp badan pun baru! da naik badan dia hehe..
he wears somthing like this but short sleeves la

after that, kitaorg g dinner n i ordered baba n nyonya's food. At least better than de bryiani the other day huhuhu. after that g Big Apple n donut. mmg mepingin makan donut ALIEN hehe. SEdap!
then, pastu kitorg balik cz nak study lg.. huhuhu
Water & Waste Water Engineering

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fun NITe FuN DaY

hurm... after finished maths paper the other day.. me n my friens went out..
around 9.30pm.Actually i wanted to watch Anugerah Skrin but everbody also like want to go out, so keluar ja la. erm, all of us actually didnt know where to go,tapi apa yg kami tau ialah, perut LAPAR!!! so we headed to Mcd . I ordered double cheese burger. (the nite b4 i ate mcchicken).
Then, after havin dinner, we went to this scary-looking-garden at 12 am.the reasons i Quated it like that bcz, it has a plenty of Chinese Graveyard everywhere.. huhuhu
its scary when suddenly u see a slight shadow moving up the hill but it turns out 2 be a person walking huhu

Then we went 4 a movie. it was 12.55am. n the last movie was James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace. So we decided to watch it. Even i was kinda sleepy , but after watching the starting of the movie, i felt intersted n the dizzy is gone. but 1 of my fren actually slept during the movie was playing hehe.

The movie wass great. But Just wondering, BOND didnt have his sleep???? n yet he is still productive hehe! Caya la!
After that we went 2 a restoran ( open 24 hours) . we lepak there, n kongsi our life achievement stories! hahahahaha . It was fu actually, n dalam sibuk bercerita, we didnt realize that it's already 5.51am!! Its morning EasTSIDER!! hahaha..

then, we get in the car n plan what should we do next? 1 of us suggest BEACH? hurm, its amzing idea but im kinda tired to drive a car that far. So, my friend drive n we headed to the beach. It was sooo f-ING cold. Then, all of us walk along the ocean.. n bla .. bla.. blaa..... suddenly my fren want 2 mandi there.. r u kidding me??? he did not bring any clothes.. but luckily my other fren brought it bcz he was supposed 2 stay at my house 2 stdy. so. the 2 of them went for it.. but only with their UNderweAR!!haha how seksy.

its about 9am in the morning, n i havent slept from last nite. n im hungry.. so after that we went 4 breakfast at this Mamak-kinda-retaurant which was so called POPULAR among my friends.i ordered nasi briyani ayam. But eventually , the food was so not my type. the chicken are cooked with this black sauce (not black pepper of coz) n it was so PEDAS!!!!!!! n didnt taste so good. Honestly, that is the worst nasi briyani i ever tested.

bt it looks good though

its 10.30 am n after that we went home. bcz we r so damn tired n dizzy!! huhuhu... sampai rumah. masuk bilik n trus tidur!! ZzZZZzZZ
but it was a fun trip actually. hehe
till next time
Xoxo ( trip G.G)