Thursday, April 16, 2009

Im Looking for a Best Friend !!

All of my life I've been waiting
for someone to trust
someone who cares
someone who known
that would always be there
someone who always would tell me the truth
even when it's the hard thing to do

Someone who always knows what to say
and when they don't they don't go away
someone who always walk by my side through the hard times

Could you be the one I want? MY BEST FRIEND
Could you be the one I need? MY BESTFRIEND
All of my life don't you know I been waiting? FOR THE BESTFRIEND
Could you be the one I want? MY BEST FRIEND

If I tried couldn't find
anyone like you
anything like you
all the things you do
wonder why it's been so long
waiting for a new friend to come
but they're far between and few

p/s= i do have best fren ( from tadika,primary and high school to campus) but they r not around me right now..all of them r fulfilling their own dreams.. now i only have "FRIENDS" and im quite sure u all know what's the different between "FRIENDS" and
"BEST FRIEND" to all my BFF around The world.... All the Best My BFF!