Saturday, January 9, 2010

Small mistakes will lead to an enormous PROBLEM

hey.. Its Sunday Morning~ and I've slept for 14 HOURS straight! maybe because of the things i went through yesterday get me all tired up.

Hah! there have been a little problem yesterday @ a gas station near my house which i usually go for to fill my gas.Dont know how , i gave the cashier a CASH of RM20 with a Bonuslink card. The cashier took it while she was playing and laughing around with another workers ( wear a Tudung)and beside me there's a man whose waiting for his turn to pay his gas amount.

i don't know how , but i only got rm10 for the gas. When i ask the playful cashier , she replied that she only saw me giving her rm10. and im like , WTH?? r u f-ing serius..? u with ur playful attitude and telling me that i only gave u rm10?! but u know, we r still malaysian and i kept those words to my heart.

When i was waiting for my "case" to be look in to the CCTV records , there's this 1 lady wearing a tudung came to me and asked
" kereta putih tu sapa punya"
i replied " saya "
tudung lady : " tak isi minyak ke? "
me : " saya ada problem di sini , isi la tempat lain "

the lady kept quite, then here comes the BIG LION!!! her husband came up to me and said
lion man : " kalau tak nak isi minyak jangan parking kat situ!"
me : "BANYAK LAGI PAM LAIN KAU BOLEH ISI MINYAK !!!!! " dgn nada yg panas!
lion freak
man : "buang masa betol "
me : tengok muka dia dengan Selamba~~~ hahahahhaha

so much for a Drama

comeback with my ACTUAL problem , after i found out that the person in-charged for that time is my friend , i asked to meet him and TADAAAAA!! the problem settle just like that!

Here's an Official thank you speech for my friend,

Thank you for settle-ing the problem right on the spot. Really appreciates it so much. A bright thank you also for the lady with the brown hair (1 of the staff ) for handling my case and a warm compliment for the two cashier for handling my case with patience but just one honest advice, just be serious when working because as a cashier you are handling with customer satisfaction ,trust and the most important thing is, you are handling MONEY. With just a slight mislooked, or mistake will lead to an enormous trouble. All the best and thank u again.

Here's how an Amazing Gas station attendants work. hehe

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