Saturday, January 9, 2010

Small mistakes will lead to an enormous PROBLEM

hey.. Its Sunday Morning~ and I've slept for 14 HOURS straight! maybe because of the things i went through yesterday get me all tired up.

Hah! there have been a little problem yesterday @ a gas station near my house which i usually go for to fill my gas.Dont know how , i gave the cashier a CASH of RM20 with a Bonuslink card. The cashier took it while she was playing and laughing around with another workers ( wear a Tudung)and beside me there's a man whose waiting for his turn to pay his gas amount.

i don't know how , but i only got rm10 for the gas. When i ask the playful cashier , she replied that she only saw me giving her rm10. and im like , WTH?? r u f-ing serius..? u with ur playful attitude and telling me that i only gave u rm10?! but u know, we r still malaysian and i kept those words to my heart.

When i was waiting for my "case" to be look in to the CCTV records , there's this 1 lady wearing a tudung came to me and asked
" kereta putih tu sapa punya"
i replied " saya "
tudung lady : " tak isi minyak ke? "
me : " saya ada problem di sini , isi la tempat lain "

the lady kept quite, then here comes the BIG LION!!! her husband came up to me and said
lion man : " kalau tak nak isi minyak jangan parking kat situ!"
me : "BANYAK LAGI PAM LAIN KAU BOLEH ISI MINYAK !!!!! " dgn nada yg panas!
lion freak
man : "buang masa betol "
me : tengok muka dia dengan Selamba~~~ hahahahhaha

so much for a Drama

comeback with my ACTUAL problem , after i found out that the person in-charged for that time is my friend , i asked to meet him and TADAAAAA!! the problem settle just like that!

Here's an Official thank you speech for my friend,

Thank you for settle-ing the problem right on the spot. Really appreciates it so much. A bright thank you also for the lady with the brown hair (1 of the staff ) for handling my case and a warm compliment for the two cashier for handling my case with patience but just one honest advice, just be serious when working because as a cashier you are handling with customer satisfaction ,trust and the most important thing is, you are handling MONEY. With just a slight mislooked, or mistake will lead to an enormous trouble. All the best and thank u again.

Here's how an Amazing Gas station attendants work. hehe

Friday, January 8, 2010

ENVY is one of the DEADLY SIN

Right after 5 pm i went to my car and i found a piece of paper with a black-eye-liner so-called-ink notes on my car. The notes sound something like this " U shud say TQ cz i didn't scratch this car". OH MY EMILIO VALENTINO!! i was laughing and kept thinking thT.. am i too hot in this orgaNIzation until I've got an ENVY NOTES sticked on my car?? hah! it's just another story of my life in the FAB lane.

hahah actually the real story was , just now in the office , i have problem connecting to the internet via both Digi and Celcom broadband. so my friend Zaza ( bukan nama sebenar) suggested of restarting my laptop in a hope that i will get connected. so i did try with a condition which was , if it doesnt work I'LL SCRATCH ur car!! hahahahahahhahaha..... and she replied u scratch once i'll give u 10~ hahaha.. and i said " EAT ME! " hahahha, and it turns out that it's x working.. she said " we'll see whose car get scratch 1st!" because she went home 45 minutes before the actual TIME .. haish!

so , that is how i got the ENVY NOTE! hahahha
till then XXXXXX

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Remove My Rayban's Shades and Shock!

As for today's activity , i went to Bank islam to pay my so called debt!! hahaha yuran Degree , hurm sangat banyak org aku sms tadi tuk bawa lunch.. hehe Grace , Awang , Lina , Apis n Giko . But in the end satu orang ja confirm lagipun timing lunch dia ngan aku x jauh beza , so boleh la lepak lama sikit.

Selesai dari bank , c apis sms “ bha ko ambik aku d fdral..bus stop” hehe.. so dia la geng aku lunch. After arrived at the bus stop , I saw this tall- brown-hair guy walking towards my car.. then when I removed my RayBan shades it was Mr. Hafizuan. Hehe.. kinda shock with the way he looks nowdays.. but it think personally it is FABulous ! hah! Tp alasan dia “ Korean look “ kunun… haha ok la.. terima saja..

Brown Hair of Apis

Cute la tu ko kunun..? hahaha

Then , we went to GracePoint to have our lunch. I try to find Giko but his worker said that he went out just now,so I guess dia pegi bank la tu. Oh before that , here’s a story , when I was ordering something , ada sorang lelaki ni tgk aku mcm aku hutang dia RM7juta, he’s in his office wear attire and holding his so called office “ID CARD” senang cerita “punch card “ yang boleh scan bila masuk office. The tag showed a logo of a big company name in Msia and situated just 5 km radius from GracePoint. (HINT : hijau). No wonder la pulled such a face rupa2nya working with that company plak. But hey ! I’ve got a friend working at the same company and she’s very well mannered and not SNOBBISh as him.

Moving on , banyak benda dapat UPDATE dgn c Apis, since the last time I saw him which was after our exam. Plus he told me that his car is getting Flashier than before so I cant wait to actually see his pimp’d car~ So next time kita lepak2 lagi ah.. bawa smua geng2 satu kelas.. baru HAVOC! Till then XXX

Smizing..... = smile with ur eyes

Didip The Birthday Boy (part 1)

2nd Jan 2010- All of us came to Uncle Yan's New house for clebrating his son 1st year birthday party. It was fun and we all have a blast.

on the 1st day of 2010 , my mom brought us to this Italian Restaurant called Bella Italia situated at Jalan Gaya . It was our 1st time having lunch there. The restaurant ambience was very good.. Lapik meja pun ala2 d ITALY.. haha.. we Ordered 12inch pizza and a pasta with 3 diff sauce. I like the cream sauce!

Bella Italia

After that , we went to All saints untuk tukar kereta haha.. im using my dad punya car and my parents used my car. Penukaran kereta adalah di sebabkan , i have to send my sister and brother to Uncle Yan's house for the bday party preparation and my parents want to do some shopping so we went for a seperate car. We headed there from my house around 5.30pm and it took us 1 hour to reach the destination bcz harini aku jadi full time driver and mengangkut papang2 d Labuaya n Alien juga..LOL !! and For that , kami sampai d destinasi Shahbandar) around 7pm hoho. Oh did i mention the road tiada lampu and during nightime it will get really2 DARK .

Sampai ja.. lepak2 kjap with the Bday boy , Kiss2 sikit .. then i headed HOME alone and Dark.. haha.. it was nothing actually .. but the best part was , if u turn around u will see NOTHING except for DARKNESS hahah.. jalan raya pun x nampak oo So the moral of The story " Jangan Pandang Belakang".. hahaha..

Me and Didip ( dgn bantal Buchuk dia ..hehe)

before balik i went to 1 Borneo to order another Classic Cheese from Secret Recipe for the party. So now we will have 2 CAKES! haha.. Right after that .. i went to meet Giko and Masdar @ Grace Point , just to update some news~ hehe it was fun to create time and just talk .. talk and talk... It such a therapy. Then Around 11pm i went home. bcz tomorow kna ambik cake !