Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just now,me, my mom n my bro went 2 Kota Kinabalu International Airport to fetch my dad cz he's outstation. but before that we went for dinner at Grace POINT. I ordered Baba n Nyonya Fried Kuey Teow . DELICIOUS! thats all i can say! hehe

While my bro ordered Nasi Goreng Pataya. Then, around 11pm we went to the airport n fetch my dad.My bro sempat pg McD beli Madagascar punya mainan huhu

Im planning to go out this weekend. Mayb with boboi, insya-allah kalau tiada hal lain, biasalah org baru balik ni popular sket. Ramai orang mau jumpa hahahahaha! apa2 aku msg ko k bubui!


erm.. the other day my friend alif show me this article when we r chatting on YM, and i was kinda familiar with it. Then he told me that your article are published in REMAJA dlm bahagian Lelaki Oh Lelaki, and he told me cover depan NUBhan.

Hehe, Thanks to REMAJA coz published pandangan/pendapat aku kt majalah u all k!hehe .


now.. i am talking! hahaha.. im home, safe and sound...erm..There's no place like HOME!!! I miss my room, the view in front of my house, the ambiance of it, oo im so glad that im home. Cant wait to xplore KOTA KINABALU. I heard so many GREAT things NEW in KK. So need to Check it out!.


erm ok, FLASHBACK,
sampai smlm @ KKIA kul 5.30pm. Then balik rumah cz my adik wanted to watch SUTERA MAYA, then after that
the 2 of us went to watch MOvie @ 1 BORNEO.

we watched the funny and hilarious movie, MADAGASCAR 2 around 9 pm
Then after that trus balik ruma, cz im so F-ing tired huhuhuhu